October 4, 2019
Following Concert featuring Bridget Kibbey & Dover Quartet

Art exhibits are held in conjunction with concert receptions across the street in Stormes Parish Hall following concerts.


Beaches Photography Club

Our Club began more than 10 years ago, when students taking Steve Scarborough’s Photoshop Elements course expressed regret as the course was coming to an end.  They enjoyed each other’s company and wanted to learn more about photography.

To accommodate the group, Steve suggested they meet as a Club. They agreed, and Steve arranged for the Club to meet at the Beaches Branch Library. Thus, the Beaches Photography Club came to be.

The group was quite small in the beginning.  A typical meeting brought out about 10 to 15 people.  There were no dues and the meetings were run by Steve, who also served as speaker. Over time, the club became more organized and members began to arrange photo outings to hone their skills. Steve set up a website for the Club, committees were formed, and the club began to invite outside speakers.

Today we are the largest photo club in Jacksonville, with paid membership approaching 200.  Our modest annual dues cover operating costs, allow us to procure talented speakers and competition judges, and support special events.

Enthusiastic volunteers are the heart and soul of our organizations. They provide leadership and organize BPC’s many active committees, activities and training sessions.

Our philosophy remains unchanged: we cater to photographers of all skill levels. We learn from one another and encourage each other to expand our horizons. And above all, we have fun doing what we all enjoy so much!

What do we ask of our members?

 BPC has modest annual dues. BPC is an all-volunteer organization, so we ask all members to get involved and make a difference.  Volunteer opportunities are announced at the monthly meetings, listed in the newsletter, and are often posted on the club’s Facebook page.

Opportunities include:

  • Lead a workshop
  • Present a tech talk
  • Suggest and host a photo outing
  • Design program and event flyers
  • Hang and strike photo exhibitions
  • Set up and take down chairs at our monthly meetings
  • Serve on a committee (Program, Membership, Exhibition, Guidance, etc.)


Daniela Liebman